Tatsuo Yada, Mayor of Kobe

I want to give an address at this time before “The Centennial of Kagawa’s Sacrificial Lifestyle Kobe Project” in 2009.
Dr. Toyohiko Kagawa began his preceding and creative work in the field of social welfare, medical care and so on in Kobe. It rooted and developed in various forms such as Co-operatives and labor unions.
He expanded his activities from Kobe to all over Japan and he served the society all through his life with every effort to build the basis of our everyday life. At the bottom of his thoughts there runs through the significance of human life and of living together, and it still has kept an enormous power even after 100 years. At Kagawa Memorial Hall they have been handing down the meaning of human life which Dr. Kagawa had valued. And I think the big purpose of this project is to hand down the spirit which Dr. Kagawa has proposed for the future.
And it is one of the aims to attain the word ”One for all, all for one” which expresses the idea of The Consumer Co-operative Kobe(Co-op Kobe).
Dr. Kagawa mentioned that there were nine rights for children, and one of them is “the right to eat”. I myself actually tasted deeply the importance and difficulties to eat through and after the war and how important and difficult it was for parents to bring up their children and to feed them. I think it is necessary for us to consider how we can make our children understand these things.*
I have heard before from Mr. Shizuo Imai, the chairman of this project, that we should work now to inspect Dr. Kagawa’s achievements to hand down his thoughts to the future lest it be too late. I feel strongly the warm thoughts of everyone of the executive committee for this big project at this moment to set up ”The Committee of the Centennial of Kagawa’s Sacrificial Lifestyle Kobe Project”.
  I hope that this will become a project to tell the true importance of living to the children who are responsible for next generation when you take on the project and that it will be embodied into a bigger form.